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Hamsa Mezuzah


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This mezuzah case and its delicate ornament design is one of Shirley Lev's unique trademarks.

The Hamsa, is believed to draw positive energies, good luck and ward off the evil eye. Protects the one who display it in their homes or at their work place.

According to the Kabbalah, the imprinted letters Aleph-Lamed-Dalet,  is one of the 72 names of God and its meaning is also protection from the evil eye.

The "Shomer Daltot Israel", which means the protector of our gates, is imprinted on the mezuzah.

signed by the artist


Materials: Coated Nickel Silver

5" X 0.70"
12.7 cm X 1.8 cm

Scroll: fits max. 10 cm scroll
Accesories: Mounting hardware
copy of a scroll

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