About Shirley

Inspired by both spiritual elements and contemporary concepts, Shirley Lev combines high-tech techniques with traditional silversmithing.
In her current collection she presents images of the landscape of Israel thus creating a window to the sights and essence of the country.

A graduate of the "Bezalel" Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, she also studied Jewish Philosophy at the Tel-Aviv University.
Lev designs and manufactures her creations by means of a unique combination of digital media and traditional silversmith's techniques.
The creative process begins by long photo sessions spanning the length and width of the country. The images of the land form a window into another reality, a point in time and atmosphere captured for posterity.
"I photograph the images that will appear on the designed object, process the imagery and use photochemical etching to imprint the images on the metal."
This technique enables the designer to achieve very high levels of accuracy on miniature, intricate designs. These can then be rendered on very thin metal surfaces creating a texture similar to lace. The result is both contemporary and exclusive in appearance.
Beneath the metal design, Lev integrates colored surfaces that emphasize the texture and lend a vivid quality to the ornaments. The end result has a delicate colorfulness, elegance and warmth.